Upcoming Classes

Regional Anatomy
Apr 25

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Mid-Back, Chest & Abdominal Pain
Apr 26

Treatment Skills
Apr 28

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
May 2

Regional Anatomy
May 9

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Shoulder, Upper Back & Arm Pain
May 10

Treatment Skills
May 12

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
May 30

Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage and Yoga
Jun 6

Regional Anatomy
Jun 13

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Hand, Elbow & Forearm Pain
Jun 14

Treatment Skills
Jun 16

HandsFree Thai Massage - Level 1
Jun 20

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Jul 6

Regional Anatomy
Jul 11

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Hip, Thigh, Knee & Groin Pain
Jul 12

Treatment Skills
Jul 14

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Aug 1

Level 2: Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals
Aug 6

Level 3: Northern Style Thai Massage
Aug 15

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Sep 5

Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage

Learn Thai massage and Clinical Thai Bodywork at Thai Bodywork School in Evanston, IL Study at Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork offers a range of Thai massage classes that may be taken as individual workshops approved by NCBTMB for continuing education in massage, or as part of our certification programs. No prior experience is required to attend. Our programs blend training in the traditional techniques with solid training in functional anatomy and trigger point therapy. Our students come from across North America to learn to treat specific conditions in the most therapeutically sophisticated Thai massage certification program available anywhere. We offer affordable lodging at the school for out of town students. View a schedule of upcoming classes.

Schedule a Thai Bodywork session at the Clinic Schedule a Session in the Clinic

We have a full-time Thai massage clinic at our school, staffed by our students and faculty. Sessions are available by appointment. Several levels of sessions are available, from $50/90 minute sessions with students in our TBP certification program (general sessions for stress relief, relaxation, health maintenance) to clinical apprentice and professional sessions with CTB students and faculty for specific issues of pain and dysfunction. Clinical Thai Bodywork employs trigger point therapy in conjunction with Thai techniques to treat pain conditions that have often failed other approaches.

Learn Thai massage and Clinical Thai Bodywork at Thai Bodywork School in Evanston, IL Visit our Online Store

We offer a range of products in our online store, including Thai massage mats, a DVD series corresponding to our classses, Thai herbal compress supplies, pillows, Thai fisherman pants and other clothing, self-care tools, music, candles, books and more. We offer gift certificates that may be used for products, sessions or classes.

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About the School

Clinical Focus

Most programs focus on techniques and sequences - there is a frustrating absence of insight as to why the techniques should be chosen or not, and what specific muscular issues they are useful for. This approach teaches the student to imitate rather than think.

Our mission is to teach Thai bodywork in a clinical context with a deep understanding of muscle function and myofascial trigger point therapy, so that the student understands the effects and purpose of each technique, and can reliably address pain and dysfunction. We offer the most in-depth clinical training in the field. Read the latest articles from our faculty, for example Sciatica, Tight IT Bands and Other Non-Diagnoses by Chuck Duff.

Our workshop-based program allows students to study at their own pace to suit individual schedules and financial needs. Courses can be taken individually and count toward certification if and when the student elects to pursue that path. We offer flexible payment arrangements, including payment as you go for individual workshops, time payment plans and work study.

No Prior Training Required

Our 20-hour Level 1: Fundamentals of Thai Massage training is taught monthly and has no prerequisites -- anybody can enter with no prior background. You will receive a Thai Bodywork certificate (and NCBTMB CEU Certificate of Achievement if desired) at each level, and the pace of your study can be adjusted to fit your needs. Potential students may arrange to observe a portion of a Level 1 training for free by visiting our contact page.

Levels 2 and 3 are taught 2-3 times per year. Clinical Thai Bodywork and other trainings are conducted every 1-2 months. Please see our schedule page for upcoming trainings.

Save Your Hands and Your Career

Thai massage is designed to be beneficial for both the giver and the receiver. As you learn, our program teaches you to work with the whole body, incorporating principles of martial arts, yoga and excellent body mechanics. In a recent ABMP survey, over 70% of massage therapist respondents reported significant work-related pain symptoms in the last 2 years. By employing core energy and body weight, studying Thai yoga therapy at TBW can save your hands and your career. Our HandsFree Thai course, unique to our school, is a powerful, therapeutic form of Thai bodywork that completely avoids stress on the therapist's upper body.